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  • 1 comments · October 27, 2016

    Natural Pathway to cleanse lymphatic system

    What is lymph or lymphatic ?

    Lymph is a clear liquid containing white blood cells that helps  to clean the tissue of the body and helps to prevent infections from spreading. lymphatic  system is very complex drainage system. This system plays an important role in fighting against infections and absorbing excess fluids ,fats  and toxic waste materials  from entire human body.

    A lack of exercise ,illness or digestive imbalance can obstacle the lymphatic system and damage health and create diseases. It is a matter of hope that there are many natural ways to cleanse human lymphatic system and improve health.

    Top 5 natural ways to assist a sluggish lymphatic system

    1.    Exercise

    It is very important to exercise involving jumping , running to keep your lymphatic system flowing smoothly. Regular and proper exercise is very important for smooth lymphatic system.

    If muscles of the body moves the lymphatic system works properly. So proper exercise can play a great role for smooth lymphatic system.

    2.    Balance Food

    A healthy balance food is very effective for proper lymphatic system. In this regard chemical aided food should avoid as much as possible. Green foods are very very conducive for the  natural flow of lymphatic system. Specially fruits ,vegetables ,fresh juice can boost human health. But artificial sweeteners ,meat ,refined grains,  food high in salt must be avoid

    3.    Drink plenty of water

    No human body can survive without water so if anyone wants to run his/her lymphatic system properly they have to drink water 4/5 liters in a day. There is no alternate way of water and can keep our body free from so many diseases and also helps proper circulation of lymphatic system.

    4.    Avoiding chemical aided beauty products

    At present most of the people are very conscious to beautify themselves but to beautify themselves gradually they are becoming dependent on chemical aided products such as –lotions,  toothpastes, suns creems,   etc which are full of questionable chemicals that ends up our lymphatic system. By choosing natural beauty products we can save our valuable life.

    5.    Herbal Care

    Herbal care can be a powerful medicine for the normal flow of lymphatic system. Moreover herbal medicine is also effective for keeping human body from so many diseases and illness. Some herbal teas can also effective for proper lymphatic system. There are some herbs which may help you to boost lymph flow and eliminate toxins.


    Side by side there are some other natural and easy way to function our lymphatic system properly. Alternating hot and cold shower for several minutes has a beneficial effect on our blood and lymph flow. Tight clothing slows down lymph flow so we should wear those cloths that fits properly. If anyone can follow this natural and normal tips he/she will surely benefited regarding the normal flow of their lymphatic system. We will get energy and rhythm of our day to day life.


  • 0 comments · October 27, 2016

    Cause and effect of collapsing Earth’s Magnetic Field

    A recent survey of scientists show that the magnetic field of the planet will turn over during our life time. The human beings are constant because of magnetic field. But if this  system collapses  the whole system of the universe will surely damage. Our planet ,our whole echo-system are existing because of a massive iron ball. The position of the Earth’s magnetic field is not constant, it changes every moment and with it the north pole and south pole are changing.

     The magnetic pole that has protected our planet from various types of solar radiation from time to time is now on the verge of collapse. The experts predict that if the magnetic field collapse the whole universe will damage greatly. And the existence of human being will  face a great threat. Our geometrical system will also collapse. The existence of whole human being stands on magnetc  field . This magnetc field are collapsing and weakening very rapidly .The environmental experties said that the magnetic field is damaging 5% per decades. The scientists also said that the western hemisphere is declining very rapidly. 

    From the outset of civilization the magnetic field was very strong and but at the passes the magnetic field are becoming weakening. For the change of magnetic system the human beings are most likely responsible. As the environment is getting warmer day by day the whole echo –system is changing with it .Earth is the right place for living human being but at the same time the human being are responsible for destroying this beautiful earth . The whole solar system of the universe is becoming warmer and the natural flow of the nature is becoming critical day by day. It is high time to save the magnetic field from collapse so that the human being can live in safe and sound in this universe.